UK Tax Advice with an International Element

UK Tax Advice with an International Element

Are you a “non-domicile”, work overseas or have an international aspect to your business? These days an international element often has to be included when considering UK Tax advice.

Greater mobility, personal and business migration, the growing impact of the EU, the use of the Internet as a business medium, and reports of the exchange of financial information between governments all add up to the increasing requirement to consider an international dimension to personal and business tax strategies.

The UK maintains a favourable business environment with an extensive range of international tax treaties. It is committed to competitive tax rates of mainstream corporate tax, and the attractive personal tax regime for overseas income and gains means it can continue to encourage overseas taxpayers to relocate to the UK, or to carry out investment or business activities here.

Our tax specialists provide advice on the personal tax implications of coming to or leaving the UK for both short and long periods of time. We work with you to clarify your residence and domicile position with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).  Furthermore we have particular expertise in assisting business clients on cross-border transactions, and advising on suitable structures for investment in the UK to optimise the tax planning opportunities.

You can rely on us to provide peace of mind that your tax affairs are in order. We can help you to protect your earnings and minimize your tax liabilities, while complying with local tax laws. We advise trustees, directors or other representatives of entities set up to hold clients’ assets. Our associated firms in the Isle of Man, Geneva and Hong Kong provide a complete range of complimentary services including offshore company incorporations, administration and accountancy services, establishment of offshore trusts, provision of trustee services and formation and administration of Foundations.

If you need UK tax advice with an international element, you will invariably require input from a variety of professionals. We often play a central role in co-ordinating strategies requiring the input of lawyers, trustees, investment managers, banks, real estate agents and other professionals from many jurisdictions. As a founder member of the IPG network of professional firms we can consult with trusted advisers in over forty countries to ensure that UK planning is compatible with other jurisdictions.

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